Life in Instagram: October

My last couple of weekends could only be described as completely exhausting: two weekends ago I spent Saturday morning and all day Sunday doing my Q-Ride course and obtaining my motorcycle licence, and squeezed in a trip down to the Gold Coast on Saturday afternoon for the first leg of this year's Rugby Sevens world tournament. Firstly, a picture to sum up the utterly maniacal atmosphere of costumes, drinking and sport unique to Sevens events:

As you can see, I opted for an easy costume and wore my sailor dress and a Fijian flag men's shirt I received free with a stupidly expensive rugby shirt purchase I made over there earlier this year. My workmate Martin was excited to get a chance to wear his Wallabies shirt. Speaking of Wallabies, I went to their match last weekend (not to see them but the All Blacks of course). Unfortunately, it resulted in a draw, but I did meet this handsome young man in the city the day before:

(DAN CARTER!!!!!!!!)

Of course, last Saturday was my birthday also but seeing as I chose to prioritise (union before everything) we celebrated in sort of an ongoing fashion all month, which included a Snog, Marry, Avoid? themed do:

Plus plentiful cake, outings and pressies:

I came home from work to find my brother had bought this little guy for me! (My last beloved fish died a couple of months ago and if you have teenaged brothers you can understand how thoughtful a present this was.)

Before I go I have to mention that after about six months of hard work weekly, our trivia team The Expendables finally won the grand final - the same night we won the weekly event - and walked away with $550! And to prove we weren't flukers, we backed it up with another $50 win last week. To see what a winning trivia team looks like, see below:

This wasn't what I was going to write about when I began my post, but I think such an overall quality month should be added to the record! I'll be spending November and December with my head kept relatively down low, as I'll be saving for a trip to Asia for Christmas and New Year. Of course we have Melbourne Cup coming up next week so I'm sure there'll be some interesting attire to make comment on then. I'm currently looking into buying my first motorbike so I'm sure a wishlist will be on it's way here soon!