Mt Ngungun, Glass House Mountains

As any person bread and buttered in the humid suburbs of Brisbane will tell you, there's not a great deal to do in the city itself, and compared to Sydney and Melbourne it can seem a bit of a cultural wasteland. However, if you venture just a few minutes' drive outside town the landscape is littered with natural sights and things to do; bushwalks, beaches and swimming holes just to name a few.

The Glass House Mountains are about an hour's drive out of Brisbane on the way up to the Sunshine Coast. They were named by Captain Cook, who was obviously long overdue for a Specsavers appointment as they don't really resemble any glass house I've ever seen (#dem1770seyes). Formed by the erosion and exposure of rhyolitic plugs, they are a pretty dramatic feature of South East Queensland's landscape and vary widely in climbing difficulty.

Begrudgingly admitting we weren't expert climbers, we tackled Mt Ngungan, one of the smaller peaks standing at 220m. Low cloud cover meant the walk was a little less comfortable than I'd imagined in the humidity, but easy enough along the well tracked path that meanders up the mountain. There were a fair few other people at the summit when we arrived, but not an annoying amount, and the panoramic views were really impressive and worth the sweaty walk.

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