All extremely windy mountainous roads lead to... Cameron Highlands

For the first time since arriving in Asia, I spent the last few days wishing I'd packed a jumper.

After a four hour bus ride from Kuala Lumpur, half of which was up a windy mountain-side road not for the weak of stomach (someone behind me was sick halfway up, which left me tightly pursing my lips for the remainder of the journey), we reached Tanah Rata in the Cameron Highlands. The town is quite the little tourist hub, and I entertained myself guessing nationalities of the Europeans wandering about (Germans, Germans, Germans and more Germans). 

Sitting 1400m above sea level the clouds hang low above Tanah Rata, giving everything a rather damp feel, but the vivid colours of everything reminded me of a cooler Taveuni in Fiji. It was the first opportunity for me to try the new camera I'd purchased in KL (my travel tour manager having purchased his own too every shot was fiercely competitive) as we wandered around town taking in the parks, waterfalls and tea plantations this area is famous for.

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