Lazy days in Melaka, Malaysia

We've been staying in Kuala Lumpur these last few days for the New Year (pictures to come soon) but as I haven't yet talked about our time in Melaka I will share some pictures from those few days last week first. 

We left Singapore on the bus last Tuesday, on my first ever crossing to another country that wasn't via plane. The journey from Johor Bahru at the border to Melaka took about three hours along the very good motorway

Melaka is a UNESCO World Heritage listed city, due to the various remnants of Dutch and Portuguese colonisation that decorate the city. The Dutch influence is especially obvious when wandering along the river that cuts through Chinatown and Little India.

Here we were able to relax after the full on experience of Singapore, and I must confess I did spend one entire day in bed. I was suuuuper chilled after that.

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