An afternoon at Singapore Zoo

My first full day in Singapore and we crossed off one of our major to-dos here with a trip to the zoo. After an immense trek through the enormous range of habitats and wildlife, which resulted in some very sore feet, I can only say that in one word the zoo is EPIC.

Everything is quite open, with little monkeys in some of the trees right up next to the footpath, a orangutan walk where they swing about in the trees above you, and a biodome kind of enclosure with lemurs, sloths, butterflies and hilariously cute mouse deer running about, amongst other things. I have to admit the baboon enclosure did make me quite nervous as the wall seemed quite small for the adults squabbling about in the water below!

A shout-out to my mate Douc Langur (who was unfortunately too busy for me to grab a photo of).

Dwarf caiman. So cute!

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