Flipping the frizz: my Bio-Ionic permanent hair straightening results

After much hmm-ing, ahh-ing and researching I recently decided to take the big leap and and get my hair permanently straightened. With an upcoming holiday in the tropics the thought of having to deal with my leonine hair on a daily basis in the humidity was too awful to bear, so I booked an appointment at Venus Secret Hair & Beauty in New Farm for their Bio-Ionic treatment.

Upon arrival this evening the lovely hairdresser Maggie talked me through each step of the process, explaining what each treatment would do to my hair and the expected result. I also had to complete a questionnaire basically to gauge what kind of chemicals my hair had been exposed to (dye, shampoos etc) before work began.

Much like Rome wasn't built in a day the process of perfecting my enormous fuzzball was fairly arduous clocking in at four hours. Here are the obligatory before and after shots (and I seriously can't believe how minging my natural brushed out hair looked):

The difference in the way my hair feels now is amazing, it's light and feels well nourished not to mention it's SO shiny. Of course there are rules for the first few days of the new 'do: no getting it wet, no tucking it behind my ears (causes kinkage) and definitely no tying my hair back. For a look that is guaranteed to dry straight and will require relatively little maintenance over the next year before the regrowth makes an appearance, I think $325 and some small rules are well worth the hours I'll save not wrangling with the straightening iron.

See here for more info on the salon I visited and the Bio-Ionic treatment.


  1. looks like a worthy investment in your hair, glad you did it and like it!

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