Life in Instagram: November

I'm sharing my Instagram pics for last month a little earlier than expected for this simple reason:

I don't know how much time I have left with my phone behaving rather well in such a state so it's best I get official business out of the way ASAP. I think my internal reaction upon dropping my phone Thursday afternoon could be best summed up by this video:

Anyway, onto the rest of the month:

I got given a free ticket to Coldplay's spectacular show at Suncorp Stadium - for being the greatest friend in the world a person could have, obviously!
A gentleman caller

I did some healthy cooking, this being a large frittata. I still think cooking is boring.
The melancholy coconut. You would be melancholy too, if you knew your brains were going to be scooped out and eaten.

Bless her face but did she really require a whole magazine?

Saturday walks to buy chicken with my brother

My forehead and I went to the bay one Sunday

Got myself a new keyboard for $50. Thanks, Gumtree!
My beloved car became too unwell to drive - first a flat tyre then the battery and engine dying completely - hence I'm blogging at close to 2am in dread of having to catch two trains to work at 6:30am tomorrow

November was a month of ups and downs, unfortunately more downs for me than I liked. Tomorrow I will be officially resigning from work which is a daunting and exciting prospect after two and a half years of following the same routine. I feel like it's (cliche as it is to say) closing one chapter of my life and moving onto the next. This time next month (next year!!) I'll be somewhere in Malaysia on the lam. First things first though; to bed, work and getting a tiny dose of zzz's before training like a pleb in the morning. 

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